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2009 Platinum Eagle Coin Proof

The 2009 Platinum Eagle Proof Coin was released as a 1 oz proof coin in December 3 of the stated year when the orders started to be accepted by the United States Mint. With the orders limited to 5 units of coins per household, by December 6, the US Mint received over 7,000 coins with the overall total of mintage coins were only limited to 8,000. The US Mint also announced that all orders were to be made on the time of the release and no pre-orders will be entertained as to make it fair to all collectors to have fair and equal chance of obtaining the coin.

The 2009 Platinum Eagle Proof Coin was initially sold at $1,792. During that time the average platinum an ounce value was from $1,450 to $1,549.99. Although Platinum coins were not the main highlight for the true collectors, many believed the main contributor to the fast sell out was due to the lack of coins offered earlier in the year. Most of the collectible coins were released on the next calendar year which is in 2010.

Nonetheless, the 2009 Platinum Eagle Proof Coin featured the first new design on its reverse side in the multi-year series where the side was engraved with an inscription of “A More Perfect Union” that personified the American democracy spirit that can be found in the Preamble to the United States Constitution. The portrait and was decided on the Citizen Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) recommendations to the Secretary of Treasury.

The uniqueness of theme on the reverse of the coin, featuring the representation of people from the four major races in the United States engraved on the side. The design was done by Susan Gamble and sculpted by Phebe Memphill. The portrait on reverse side of the 2009 Platinum Eagle Proof is surrounded by the inscriptions of the wording “United States of America” and the fineness platinum comprising “1 oz .9999 Platinum” and with a face value of “$100”.

Meanwhile, the 2009 Platinum Eagle Proof’s obverse side was sculpted with the head of the Statue of Liberty ‘looking towards the future’ which was designed by John Mercanti, who was the United States Mint Chief Engraver. There were also inscriptions of the year of the mintage “2009” as well as the infamous slogan used for most of the collectors’ coins of the United States which is “In God We Trust”.

The 2009 Platinum Eagle Proof coins are minted annually with four different denominations and sizes in specification. The specifications include a 1 oz Platinum with 32.7mm in diameter and a face value of $100, ½ oz Platinum, 27mm in diameter and $50 face value; ¼ oz Platinum, 22mm diameter and $25 face value as well as the 1/10 oz Platinum with 16.5mm diameter and a $10 face value. The price of the Platinum Eagle Proof differed each week as the price is determined by the average of the platinum’s price in London Fix.

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