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Modern US Commemorative coin Auctions

The mintage of modern commemorative coins in the United States started in 1982, after the years when no commemorative coins were issued from 1955-1981. The first modern commemorative coin—a half dollar—was issued to honor the 250th birthday of George Washington, the founding father and First President of the U.S. There are two versions of this coin: the uncirculated and proof. The former was issued by the Denver Mint and the […]

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Early US Commemorative coin Auctions

The first commemorative coin was a silver half dollar issued in 1892 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ expedition to America and discovery of the New World. This marked the beginning of Early Commemorative coinage, which actually consists of coins minted from 1892 to 1954, when the Booker T. Washington coin was issued. Instead of raising taxes, the profits generated from the retail of commemorative coins were used […]

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US Commemorative coin Auctions

Majority of the US coins are commemorative. The practice of commemorating in coin a certain person, event or place as being an integral part in history has been a long tradition even during the time of the Greeks and Romans. There are two categories of commemorative coins. First, old commemorative coins that begun in 1892. Examples of these coins include the Lincoln coin made for the centennial of his birth. […]