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Liberty Head, Motto Above Eagle (1866-1908) Half Eagle

The half eagle got the slogan “IN GOD WE TRUST” in 1866, was additional to the rear of the coin upon a scroll over the eagle. The slogan had actually been considered as early as in 1863, while the death as well as the Civil War flamed a spiritual regeneration in America. This kind doesn’t contain a scarcity of the figure of the 1854-S, however there are abundance of lesser […]

Gold Dollar Type 1 auctions

St Gaudens Gold Coins – $20 Gold Double Eagle Auctions

The St Gaudens Gold Coins – $20 Gold Double Eagle is a very rare, beautiful, and valuable coin. This coin was named for a prominent American designer, Augustus St. Gaudens. The President of the United Sates at the time, Theodore Roosevelt, asked Augustus St. Gaudens to design this coin in 1907, and nearly 13,000 were minted. There are a few different types of this coin. The term “In God We […]

Double Eagle Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin Auctions

What does the “double” stand for in Double Eagle Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin? Well around the late 1800s there were many different types of coins in circulation. And unlike commonly thought the term eagle used for coins. It was actually named that by Congress. They received the power to do this by an Act establishing a Mint, and regulating Coins of the United States”, section 9, April 2, 1792. […]

Thomas Jefferson First Spouse Gold Coin Auctions

Thomas Jefferson was the United States of America’s 3rd President who took the office after John Adams from the year 1801 to 1809. President Jefferson however became the United States’ President when he was already a widower for 19 years after the death of her wife, Martha, in 1782. To make the First Spouse Program in continuity, the 2005 Presidential $1 Coin Act concluded that a President who served in […]

Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coin Auctions

The Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coins series was the 12th coins series issued in honour of the President’s spouses. The release of the series also marked the third series that was released in 2009 and began its circulation on September 3rd that year. Sarah Polk was born Sarah Childress on September 4th, 1803, and was the First Spouse of the United States’ 11th President, James Polk. Sarah Polk married […]

Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coin Auctions

Mary Todd First Spouse Gold Coin is the last release of the First Spouse coin program for the year 2010. The coin commemorates one of the most well-known First Ladies of the United States. With the anticipation is set high for Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coin, US Mint has established a higher maximum mintage which was 5 000 higher than the threshold set for the series in 2010. […]

Martin Van Buren’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin Auctions

Martin Van Buren, the 8th United States President was born on December 5th 1782. He was the first United States President who was not of British or Irish descent as he came from a Dutch family. Despite that, he was the first President of the United States to be born as an American Citizen compared to his predecessors who were of British-Irish descent. During his early days before serving as […]

Martha Washington First Spouse Gold Coin Auctions

The Martha Washington First Spouse Gold Coin was the first edition of the First Spouse Gold Coins series that honours the United States’ Presidents’ spouses. The Martha Washington gold coins were officially released by the United States Mint to the public on 19th June, 2007. Martha Washington served as the First Lady for President George Washington from the year 1789 to 1797, during President Washington’s in charge in the presidential […]

Margaret Taylor First Spouse Gold Coin Auctions

The First Spouse Gold Coins Program’s thirteenth release by the United States Mint was of the Margaret Taylor’s series. The series were the final release of 2009 when they were made available on December 3rd 2009. Margaret Taylor was born Margaret Mackall Smith on September 21st, 1788, and was wife of the 12th United States President, Zachary Taylor, whom she married on June 21st, 1810. Margaret Taylor’s married life to […]