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The great American money saga covers a period of almost 4 centuries dating back to the early 17th century. It began with trading that took place between Native Americans and the European settlers in New England. During this particular time, nearly all foreign coins were accepted for purchases. As time passed, colonial coins were gradually replaced with coins struck by states in America under sole regulation of the Congress.

This marked the continual addition of great variety of coins in United States and up to present, US coins never fail to mesmerize us with their glitter.

What you will find in this site?

If you collect US coins or an avid numismatist, you are on the right place because we only feature US coin auctions. At US Coins Collector we bring you only the top US coin auctions. To check the latest US coin auctions you may want to navigate through our store menu on the left sidebar.

Information related to US coins is enormous, no doubt about it. Hence, US Coins Collector is expanding itself with the addition of a WordPress-based blog. It allows us to further accommodate more quality articles without having them scattered all over the place. With the expansion, more information will be added from time to time to help numismatists making firm decision when bidding coins and keeping coin enthusiasts updated with news related to US coins.

Here are some of the articles listed below.

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