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2010 American Silver Eagle Coin

The 2010 American Silver Eagle is the latest addition to the official American Silver Eagle Bullion of the United States series. The first series of the silver bullion coin was released in November 1986, authorized by the Title II of Public Law 99-61 under the Liberty Coin Act which was approved in July 1985. The 2010 American Silver Eagle was then released in January 19, 2010, and able to met […]

2008 Presidential Dollar Coin Auctions

Dollar Coins: Morgan (1899 – 1904, 1921) Auctions

Dollar Coins: Morgan (1894 – 1898) Auctions

Dollar Coins: Morgan (1885 – 1893) Auctions

Dollar Coins: Morgan (1878 – 1874) Auctions

Dollar Coins: Trade Dollars (1873 – 1885) Auctions

The United States Trade Dollar is a silver dollar coin designed by William Barber, the mint’s chief engraver and was issued by the United States Mint. Trade Coins were minted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Carson City, and San Francisco from 1873 to 1885.

Dollar Coins: Susan B Anthony (1979 – 1981, 99) Auctions

The Susan B. Anthony dollar is a United States coin minted from 1979 to 1981, and again in 1999. It features women’s suffrage campaigner Susan B. Anthony. The reverse features an eagle flying above the moon (with the Earth in the background), a design adapted from the Apollo 11 mission insignia that was also present on the previously issued Eisenhower dollar.

Dollar Coins: Silver Eagle Proof (1986 – Now) Auctions

Dollar Coins: Seated Liberty (1840 – 1873) Auctions

Seated Liberty Dollars which its obverse and reverse were both designed by Christian Gobrecht, were introduced in 1840 and continuously minted until 1873. In 1853, the value of the silver was more than the face value of the coin. The coin was continued to be minted mainly as a trade coin to be used in the Orient. This ended in 1870 when the price of silver lowered allowing the dollars […]