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Capped Bust to Left (1807-1812) – Half Eagle

John Reich started working at the United State Mint in the year 1807 as an engraver assistant, to Robert Scot. Reich’s early efforts planning American coins issued on that very same year, while his Capped Bust design appeared on half eagle in addition to the half dollar. The half eagle became the most significant gold coinage in period between 1800’s. In fact, between the periods of 1809 to 1820, wide-ranging, […]

Capped Bust to Right, Heraldic Eagle (1795-1807)

In the year 1797, Robert Scot designed a heraldic reverse shape of the half eagle as well as the eagle, a theme which would eventually be repeated on every U.S. coins excluding the half cent and the cent. (Coins of that type dated year 1795 are supposed to have been striking in the year 1798.) Scot’s Heraldic Eagle opposite features borrowed greatly from the Seal of the US that was […]

Capped Bust to Right, Small Eagle (1795-1798)

Half eagles made in 1795, 2 years after the earliest American copper coins and 1 year after the earliest silver coins. A lot of the postponement in the outward show of the 5 dollar denomination may be credited to a scarce of gold being put at the Mint, however it is also known that a few of the Mint administrators had faced difficulty obtaining presentation bonds allowing them for handling […]

Capped Head to Left, Large Diameter (1813-1829) Half Eagle

The Large Diameter type, Capped Head towards Left, issued in the year 1813 to 1829, holds some of the most scarcities in American numismatics— gold coins like as the half eagle of 1815, the 1825/4 (2 known), the 1822 (3 known), as well as the Large Date 1829. The half eagle of 1820 has the maximum mintage (263,806 coins), as well as the 1815 has its lowest (only 635 coins). […]

Capped Head to Left, Reduced Diameter (1829-1834) Half Eagle

In the year 1829, the pattern of the half eagle with Capped Head was customized a little by William Kneass for accommodating latest machinery in the Mint. The borders at present consisted of rounds of beads within the raised rim. The main design fundamentals remained the similar; however the stars, dates, as well as lettering became smaller. Scarcity in that series includes this 1829 Small Date (contrast to the first […]

Classic Head (1834-1838) Half Eagle

In the year 1834 the mass of this half eagle was condensed from 8.75 grams to 8.36 grams, sufficient to lower the gold value below the obverse value, therefore discouraging the group melting which destroyed so much of the previous issues. That accounts for the vast mintage of half eagles 1834 (more than 657,460 coins), greater than 2 times the earlier mintage record set of 1820. Liberty was without cap […]

Indian Head (1908-1929) Half Eagle Gold Coin

Amongst U.S. coinage, half eagle of the Indian Head symbolized a completely new as well as remarkable design technique; stimulated by antique Greek coins in addition to developer was Bela Lyon Pratt. Normally, coin planning is raised over a flat field. Critics of the pattern feared that the lower-level features would gather disease-bearing dirt as well as that the coins will be unhealthy in addition to become unsightly. In truth, […]

Liberty Head, Motto Above Eagle (1866-1908) Half Eagle

The half eagle got the slogan “IN GOD WE TRUST” in 1866, was additional to the rear of the coin upon a scroll over the eagle. The slogan had actually been considered as early as in 1863, while the death as well as the Civil War flamed a spiritual regeneration in America. This kind doesn’t contain a scarcity of the figure of the 1854-S, however there are abundance of lesser […]

$5 Half Eagle Gold Coins Auctions

The half eagle coins were the earliest gold coins really struck for the US. The $5 piece was certified to be created by an Act of 2 April 1792, as well as the first kind weighed 135 grains, fineness percentage 0.9167. The very earliest gold coin of United States of America was struck in the year 1795. This half eagle category is named “Capped Bust to Right” and it was […]