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Conditions of US Coins

Since it is condition that’s so important in determining coin values, let’s try to understand something about coin grading. Proofs – A specially made coin distinguished by sharpness of detail and usually with a brilliant mirrorlike surface. Proof refers to the method of manufacture and is not a grade.The term implies perfect condition unless otherwise noted. Gem Proof (PF-65) – Surfaces are brilliant, with no noticeable blemishes or flaws. A […]

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What is Proof Coinage?

Part of practice of issuing commemorative coins is the issuance of coin proofs or early samples of the coins which are minted to regularly check the dies used in subsequent minting of the coins themselves. This is also done for circulated monetized coins and if they are issued to the public can command collector’s item prices in the market after a few years. These coin proofs are valued for their […]

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