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Early Large Cents (1793-96) Auctions

Draped Bust Large Cents (1796-1807) Auctions

In 1796, the “Draped Bust” design appeared. This type was minted until 1807. Rare dates in this type include the elusive 1799 and the popular 1804.

Coronet Head Large Cents (1816-39) Auctions

Large Cents: Coronet Head (1816-39) Auctions

Classic Head Large Cents (1808-14) Auctions

The “Classic Head” Large Cent ran from 1808 to 1814. Although none of the dates are rare, they are hard to find in nice condition.

Braided Hair Large Cent Coin Auctions

The final design type is the “Braided Hair” type of 1840 to 1857. The last year is both scarce as a date and popular as the last year of the denomination.

Large Cent Coin Auctions

Large cents are great coins to collect. It had been popular as a collector’s item in the 1880s and its rich history makes it a favorite among the old and young coin collectors. The large cent issued around 1793 and even before it had problems affecting its production which made it more interesting. Fresh from achieving independence from British rule, the United States had to settle with any kind of […]