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Gold Bullion Investment as World Plunges into Recession

There is no denying that since the beginning of human evolution age, gold has been the most popular and most precious type of metal to be used as an investment. It has been the sanctuary for investors and collectors alike against crisis such as the economic or currency based. Quoting from a certain Karl Marx, “Although gold and silver are not by nature money, money is by nature gold and […]

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Unveiling the 2010 Proof American Eagle Gold Coins

The news most US Gold Coin collectors have been waiting for has finally broke out. The US Mint have announced that they are on course to offer the 2010 Proof Gold Eagle coins and the release date of the sought after coin collection is on October 7 2010. The history of the Proof Gold Eagle Coins came well back in 1986 when the United States started to strike gold and […]

Gold Price is At All Time Record High

The news of gold price at its all time high was met with thunderous claps by investors and the global markets alike in the current state of the global economy. The yellow precious metal has a tradition of being one of the world’s “safe haven” has proved its role once again when all the markets are in stress. On September, the price of gold has increased to a record of […]

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Why American Gold Eagle Coins Are Good Investments?

During economic chaos and disorder, the value of currencies becomes unstable. Oftentimes, they even depreciate. As such, most investors depend on gold coins rather than currencies. More so, many investors indulge in gold investment rather than stocks, real estate properties, businesses, and the conventional forms of assets. Many of those who fancy US Gold coins go for American Eagle Gold Coins. These coins were first introduced in the gold market […]

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