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Investing in Early US Commemorative Coins

Among coin collectors or more technically known as numismatists, a commemorative coin provides a valuable snapshot of a significant event in the annals of a nation’s history. They are often minted in precious metals like gold, silver and platinum in 99.99% purity. Apart from their historical value, some getting museum-grade exhibition quality, they are considered investments that appreciate in value over time. The older it is, the more valuable it […]

Boy Scouts Silver Dollar Coin Auctions

The Boy Scouts Silver Dollar Coins were created first and foremost to commemorate more than 3.5 million of the Boy Scouts of America members in conjunction of the organization’s centennial anniversary in February 2010. The Boy Scouts of America Centennial Commemorative Coin Act was officially signed on October 8, 2008, which the minting and issuing of the commemorative silver dollar coins are made by the United States Mint, as authorized […]

Modern Commemorative coins 1995 – present

1982-94 Commemorative coins

York County, Maine, Tercentenary (1936) Coin Auctions

A souvenir half dollar was authorized by Congress upon the 300th anniversary of the founding of York County, Maine. Brown’s Garrison on the Saco River was the site of a town that was settles in 1936. The designs were made by Walter H. Rich of Portland. The obverse design shows a stockade, and the reverse has an adaptation of the York County seal.

Wisconsin Territorial Centennial (1936) Coin Auctions

The 100th anniversary of Wisconsin territorial government was the occasion for this issue. The original design was made by David Parson, a University of Wisconsin student. Benjamin Hawkins a New York artist, made changes to conform with technical requirements. The reverse has the territorial seal, which includes a forearm holding a pickaxe over a mound of lead ore, and the inscription 4TH DAY OF JULY ANNO DOMINI 1836. The obverse […]

Vermont Sesquicentennial (1927) Half Dollar Auctions

This souvenir issue commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Bennington and the independence of Vermont. Authorized in 1925, it was not coined until 1927. The models were prepared by Charles Keck. The obverse shows the head of Ira Allen, founder of Vermont. The reverse bears a catamount on a pedestal.

Texas Independence Centennial (1934 – 1938) Half Dollar Auctions

The issue commemorated the independence of Texas in 1936. The first of several dates was offered in 1934. The latest dates were struck at all three mints. The models were prepared by Pompeo Coppini. The reverse shows the kneeling figure of winged Victory, and on each side, medallions with portraits of General Sam Houston and Stephen Austin, founders of the republic and State of Texas. The large five-pointed star behind […]

Stone Mountain Memorial (1925) Half Dollar Auctions

The models for this coin were prepared by Gutzon Borglum, who would later sculpt Mount Rushmore. The first coins were struck at Philadelphia on January 21, 1925, General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s birthday. Generals Robert E. Lee and Jackson, mounted are shown on the obverse. The funds received from the sale of this large issue of half dollars were devoted to the expense of carving figures of Confederate leaders and soldiers […]

Providence, Rhode Island, Tercentenary (1936) Coin Auctions

The 300th anniversary of Roger William’s founding of Providence was the occasion for this special half dollar in 1936. The designs were the work of Arthur Graham Carey and John Howard Benson. The obverse shows Roger Williams in a canoe, being welcomed by an Indian. The reverse has the anchor of Hope with a shield and mantling in the background. Although the founding of the providence was being celebrated, no […]