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St Gaudens Gold Coins – $20 Gold Double Eagle Auctions

The St Gaudens Gold Coins – $20 Gold Double Eagle is a very rare, beautiful, and valuable coin. This coin was named for a prominent American designer, Augustus St. Gaudens. The President of the United Sates at the time, Theodore Roosevelt, asked Augustus St. Gaudens to design this coin in 1907, and nearly 13,000 were minted. There are a few different types of this coin. The term “In God We […]

Double Eagle Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin Auctions

What does the “double” stand for in Double Eagle Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin? Well around the late 1800s there were many different types of coins in circulation. And unlike commonly thought the term eagle used for coins. It was actually named that by Congress. They received the power to do this by an Act establishing a Mint, and regulating Coins of the United States”, section 9, April 2, 1792. […]

$20 Double Eagle Auctions

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