Gold Coins: Profitable Investments as US Dollar Loses Reputation

Amid the economic crises that is rocking the United States, a lot of Americans are turning into gold and gold coins as viable investments. With people losing their homes, their savings, and their 401-K’s, a lot are hoping save for their future by buying or selling gold coins.

Gold coins have become a popular venture as the world market doubts the US Dollar as a safe currency. Gold, unlike the US Dollars, has increased in value by as much as 65% since 2001 and still increasing.

This is not only happening in the United States, across Europe, Australia, and Asia, investors are rushing to get hold of gold as stock markets plunge by hundreds of points. The globe is recognizing the fact that the gold coin market is penetrable with low risk but with high return of investments.

How Gold Coins are Doing in the Market

The gold coin market is still very stable compared to other venues of investment that’s why a lot of people see this as their own bail-out plan to ensure a good future.

If you are planning to invest in US gold coins like St. Gaudens gold coin, America Buffalo, or American Eagle the prices of these coins by the US Mint has increased in the last 5 years.

A lot of Americans and gold coin enthusiasts are closely monitoring the trends of the US gold coin market through eBay and other auction sites to make sure that they are making the right decisions. As an investor in the gold coin market, you want to know the different factors that affect the values of these commodities:

•    Prices of Gold Bullions - the price of gold coin highly depends on the price of gold in the market.

•    Quality of Gold Coin - The grading of gold coins rarely shift since most of them are well preserved but a coin grading change of at least 1 grade may mean a price difference of 2 to 3 times more.

•    Rarity - Like any other market, the more the supply the lesser the price. See the mintage of the coins as basis for its rarity. Rare gold coins are considered more precious.

•    Old Coins - Gold coins minted before 1933 are far valuable than our modern gold coins. These older gold coins appreciate much faster that newer ones.

Investing in US gold coins is a profitable risk that anyone can take. Gold coins may increase in value depending on the demand, so you should know when to hold or when to sell. It will also be wise if you regularly monitor the different trends and news in the US gold coin market.