Large Cent: A Rare Find Treasure

Before the present US penny came to be, it underwent a complex evolution only coin lovers will understand. The United States had Large Cent coins prior to having the modern size pennies.The Large Cent was first minted in 1793 and was used until 1857. If you are beginning your collection, it will be nice to know some facts about the Large Cents:Flowing Hair

All the flowing half dimes were struck at the first Philadelphia Mint. It had a very unattractive design and alluded to the images of slavery. The first large cent of the US was also known as the Chain cent. It was named after the link chain design imprinted on its reverse.

The reverse was modified to feature a wreath after much criticism of the slavery allusions on the first coin released. The obverse featured the Liberty with a long, flowing hair thus the name of the series.

Liberty Cap

The first year of the US cent was full of criticism. Joseph Wright was hired to redesign again the denomination in 1793. The Liberty’s wild hair was tamed and had her face to the right. The cap was also included to symbolize freedom.

The Liberty Cap was used until 1796 had on its reverse a more recognizable laurel wreath.

Draped Bust

Robert Scot was commissioned to redesign the US coinage in 1796. His work featured on the obverse the bust of Liberty wearing a drapery. The flowing hair of the Liberty was also donned with a ribbon.

The reverse of the coin used an olive wreath instead of the laurels. This version had its revisions until 1797. The Draped Bust large cent was in circulation until 1807.

Classic Head

The Classic Head series was minted between 1808 and 1814. The draped bust design was revised by John Reich to feature Liberty wearing a fillet which was only worn by male athletes in ancient Greece. This coin series made use of high quality copper making it soft and prone to damages.

Coronet Cents

The Matron Head was first in these series of coins which were produced between 1816 and 1857. The Matron Head was a redesign of Robert Scot in 1816. The obverse featured an enlarged representation of a more mature looking Liberty. The Liberty was surrounded by stars that lined the edge of the coin.

The Braided Hair was released between 1839 and 1857. This series of Coronet cents were redesigns of Christian Gobrecht, the Chief Engraver of the US Mint. This time the Liberty was given a slimmer, younger look.

The Large Cent has been witness to a lot of design changes influenced by the American People and history. Coin collectors value the Large Cent much because they are the first coins minted by the federal government. Their rarity also adds to their value in the market today.

You can browse the internet to find some good deals in the coin market today. A common coin before like the large cent is a very precious coin to have today.